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Html Tutorial

Html is a great language for the web, it was one of the first and many other web-based programming languages revolve around it.  The basics of html are extremely simple to learn and create.  To start all you will need is an internet browser (preferably ie5+) and a text editor, most computers have notepad.  However we highly recommend downloading the techienet html editor, as it has pre-made html includes, it's easy to use, and the upose of it is to build html. You can download that by clicking here or go to techie.tk.  Once you have done that.  Open the techienet html editor or other text program and enter in the following:


First of all, to open a tag type <tagname> and to close the tag type</tagname> remembering the "/" at the end of the tag, as that tells the browser the tag has ended.
The <html> tag tells the browser that it's reading html code; thus opening the html tag, at the end of the code remember to close the tag.  With the techienet html editor this can be automatically inserted by clicking the html button. 
The <head> part of the code is the part where page information can be inserted; items such as page titles and copyright information, you won't need to worry too much about this yet.
The <body> part of the html code is the content part of your page where the text, pictures . . . Go.  You can type in any text which you would like to display in your browser there, then remember to close the body tag before closing the html one.
Those are the basics oh html, we highly recommend downloading the techienet html editor, a  that will make building pages in html much easier.  If you are looking to  use a powerful page maker we recommend 1st page, It's just like a very simple version of frontpage.

-Information Produced By: jamjar

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