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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions in regards to the site and basically some rules and regulations. Please read this to see if your question has already been answered before e-mailing any of the staff. Thanks!

Q: How do I get in Contact with the Staff?
A: Go and Read the Contact Page.

Q: How did you get such a great name for your site?
A: We have creative minds and thought of it. ^_^

Q: Can I please have your site?
A: No you may not, we are having fun working on it.

Q: Can I please join your Staff?
A: Well read the Staff Requirements, e-mail us, and we'll see.

Q: Can I take all the info content on your site and put it on my site and say that I wrote it all up?
A: NO, you may absolutely not. Doing this is a federal offence as all material is copyright by DragonBallZ.WS.

Q: Can I link your media on my site?
A: Sorry but we can't allow you to do that since we have limited bandwidth and don't want to overuse it. Even you do leech us, we'll find out, trust me.

Q: Can I affiliate with you?
A: Maybe. Email MG_ at MG@DragonBallZ.WS and he'll decide for himself!

Q: Can I please use the latest news that you have posted on your site?
A: Yes you can, although you MUST have a source citation linking to our site on that post.

Q: When does Gohan go Majin?
A: He doesn't, its just a character that the webmaster of this site created using his awesome imagination years and years ago.

Q: Can you please send me some awesome DB/Z/GT pictures through E-Mail?
A: No, sorry I can't, but luckily for you, we have a great Image Gallery in our Multimedia Section. Go help yourself to some pictures there.

Q: Can you please buy me a domain?
A: No. But I wish I could! uhh really.. I do.

Q: Is HTML Easy?
A: Not it is not, it is only for Super Human beings like MG_.

Q: No seriously, is HTML easy?
A: Well depending on how much time you wanna spend learning it. The basics are easy, but doing advanced things can sometimes get more complex and confusing.

Q: Can you teach me HTML?
A: No sorry, we personally don't have the time. Try to find a tutorial on another site. We will be making one shortly.

Q: Can I have your layout on my site?
A: No you may not, our layout is copyright material.

Q: Then can you make me a layout?
A: We don't have time to do that, but some other sites might, for a fee of course!

Q: Can I use the graphics on your site?
A: No

Q: Can you make me some graphics?
A: Sorry, but we simply don't have time.

Q: Do you make any money off DBGT?
A: Just enough to keep the servers afloat and bring you guys the best in DB!

Q: This website looks alot like DBGT.COM
A: Right you are! MG_ is actually the old webmaster of DBGT.COM. One day, browsing through his files he saw all of this awesome content just laying around. So instead of putting it to waste, he decided to throw it up on a good old website. And you now have DragonBallZ.WS!

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Website Bio:
Site Creation: January 2009
Webmaster: Majin Gohan
Site Layout: An old friend from DBGT.COM!

Site News: DragonBallZ.WS is moving along and growing gradually, it may be slow, but we are moving at a good steady pace so this site can become a timeless archive for Dragon Ball fans of all generations. We currently have an excellent staff who is bringing you lots of original information and interaction on the site. We're also constantly working on having media up, and having it stay up for as long as possible
If you have any suggestions / comments, please don't hesitate to drop us a line! / Keep Visiting! /

MG_ is getting busier by the day with life among other things. But still has love for the site and Dragon Ball in general. Site maintenance and new informative updates are his priority

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