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Cgi Tutorial

This tutorial explains the basics of cgi or perl programming.  Once you have a script to install, the bast thing I can recommend is to read the readme file which came with the script.  However there may be some items which you are unsure about, for example; CHMODING or the correct path to perl.  This stuff is petty easy once explained properly, but can be slightly confusing at first, read the information below, you may need certain programs to do this, we recommend smart-ftp.
Path To Perl 
The default path to perl is: /usr/bin/perl
On some servers it mar vary:

Uploading Files
When uploading a cgi file(.cgi,.pl) always upload in ASCII mode not Binary. Otherwise you'll get errors.
Many scripts require you to chmod, or change the permissions of a file. If your not sure what that means; click here to download smartftp. Here are the chmod codes:

666 = Read & Write for all three columns.

755 = Read, Write & Execute for Owner, Read & Execute for Group & Other.

777 = Read, Write & Execute for all.

To CHMOD in smartftp, right-click on a file and choose the 'CHMOD' option or 'Properties'.

(rwx-rwx-rwx) are the permissions for (user - group - public) access, written in octal. For each digit 4=read(r), 2=write(w), 1=execute(x)

-Information Produced By: jamjar

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